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In cooperation with the Imageakademiet, which is Norway's largest and oldest provider of professional makeup education, we regularly offer free or discounted education courses in makeup.

Sothys Paris - Preferred by makeup artists


Through the Norwegian distributor Cosmenor AS, Sothys Paris has a close collaboration with several of Norway's leading makeup artists. The professional team in Cosmenor works with the makeup artists to put together the best regime for the individual model and actor, in relation to the needs of the individual production. Sothys contributes discounted products to selected productions, but does not compensate makeup artists beyond this. We therefore like to believe that their feedback comes straight from heart.


Janne is a trained makeup and special effects artist. She soon has 20 years of experience in the industry and works mainly with film and TV series. She has been a makeup designer and makeup manager among other things: Carpenter Andersen 2, Exit, Magnus, Heimebane 1, Occupant 2, Free season 1 + 2, The Third Eye, Blind, Hunt for Wind, Dewars, World's Best SFO 2, Buzz Aldrin, Get me for fucking, christmas night in blue mountains and as a makeup artist among others: Monster, Nobel, Birkebeinerne, Captain Sabeltann, Essential Killing, Dead snow 1 m.

& Quot; I love to use Sothy's skin care and makeup when I work. I can see immediately difference of the skin of the actors when they have started with Sothys. The skin becomes clearer, healthier and glowing. The skin care combined with the makeup is absolutely wonderful, and gives a natural, youthful radiant skin. As makeup artists we do everything to make the actors happy, and with Sothys they do it, even the guys dig it and ask for more. I have even asked where to get a & quot; life-long & quot; inventory of these products. I get proud when I hear them recommend it to others. In the makeup find I foundation colors that suit most people and lipsticks for every need, both for everyday makeup and party makeup. & quot;

Sothys Intensive hydrating serum Sothys Glowing hydrating foundation Sothys Detox resurfacing overnight cream

Favorite Product:
& Quot; I have many favorite products, but some of the ones I use the most are: the Hydra3Ha series, especially the serum that gives a moist and radiant skin. Glowing hydrating foundation, the suits almost everyone and looks fresh and natural while covering possibly. color differences in the skin. Nocturnal night cream, I ask those actors who are struggling with unclean skin and those with oily skin to use in the evening, and it seems amazing. & quot;


Nina Elise Johansen is a trained skincare, makeup and special effects artist and hairdresser. She has worked for 13 years with advertising, feature films and TV series and has been a makeup designer and makeup manager at Lifetime (comes on NRK in 2020), Twin and Over the border (coming at NRK in 2019), Grenseland, Nobel, Børning 2, Doktor Proktor and has worked as a makeup artist at Thelm, Halvbroren, the riddle Ragnarok and Fritt Wild and a number of others.

" Sothys Paris makes my job easier! I almost use Sothys, both private and private on all the jobs I do. There are simply wonderful makeup and skin care products. IN My job is to have products for all skin types that provide moisture and make the skin beautiful and glowing. Sothys is here two notches over something else I've worked with before. The also has wonderful products for sensitive skin, which I can safely use on my male and female female artists. I find that everyone who comes into contact with Sothys, be it actors, colleagues, friends and family, whether they are 14 or 72 years old - once they have tried Sothys Paris, so they continue to use it. "

Sothys Micellar cleansing water Sothys Eye and lip make-up removing fluid Sothys Clarity cleansing milk Sothys Micro-gel peeling
Sothys Hydra-smoothing mask Sothys Instant energizing corrector Sothys Skin Perfector Foundation Sothys Sheer leppestift

Favorite Product:
" It's hard to pick out just any of all of Sothy's amazing products, but off skin care I highly recommend Micellar cleansing water and Eye & lip make-up removing fluid, which is great products for removing makeup, cleansing milk Clarity cleansing milk, scrub Micro-gel peeling and mask Hydra-smoothing mask. In makeup Instant energizing corrector is a great favorite that I use on all men I work with with for a natural fresh skin with lots of glow! Hydraoptimal foundation is simply fantastic and sheer lipstick eg. No. 111 Rose muette is lovely. "


Janne is a trained hairdresser and has a number of courses in hair, make-up and special effects in indoor and outdoor abroad. She ran a period of her own salon. Janne worked in the makeup department of NRK for 18 years, a lot of entertainment / humor and for many years had the hair and make-up responsibility for eg. Nobel Concert and MGP. For the past 10 years she has been a freelance and worked on television, advertising, magazines, weekly press, famous artists and personalities, e.g. TV production with Lene Kongsvik, Espen Eckbo, Elisabeth Andreassen, Trine Rein etc.

& Quot; I was introduced to Sothys Paris 7 years ago. These are great products which I cannot be beyond. When I make a makeup I am very concerned about the skin should look fresh and natural, whether it is a day or evening makeup. Sothys's Products safeguard this naturalness better than any other brand I've worked with. & Quot; 

Sothys Age-defying Foundation

Favorite Product:
& Quot; I've put my love on Sothys Teint Satiné Age-defying foundation. It covers well and gives a natural glow !! My absolute favorite. & Quot;


Tom Greni is a trained skincare and is one of the country's most experienced and recognized makeup artists with 30 years in the industry. Today he works with teaching, makeup courses, advertising assignments and well-known profiled personalities from home and abroad. He is the author of makeup chapter in the new skincare book, Skin Care Dermatology and treatments 2 for Vg3 and has made makeup films for Snøballfilm published by the Education Directorate. Tom is too co-author in Norway's first professional book in beautiful makeup BEAUTIFUL and is profiled in the book Powder two the people- Norwegian makeup artists.

& Rdquo; I am delighted with the Sothys products and use them in teaching and in mine make-up assignments. The skin care products are a must and Sothys foundation has beautiful shades that fits most customers and skin types. & rdquo;

Sothys Leppestifter

Favorite Product:
” My favorite are the lipsticks. They have beautiful colors and smell fresh ”


Linda is a trained makeup artist and has a background from several art schools. She is Norway's most Recognized body paints. Linda has worked as a professional manager at Norway's leading professional school within make-up, Imageak Academy for almost 15 years. She also has a long track record as a freelancer, both in make-up, special effects and bodypaint.

" As part of our vocational school education, the students receive a comprehensive package of makeup. This The package consists of products from a number of suppliers, but in recent years Sothys has been there dominant brand. I can say by heart that we have never had such a good package for our students who after we started with Sothys makeup. Sothys foundation's Delivered in systems that make it easy for students to understand which foundations are suits the different parts of the industry. For example, we use the Glowing hydrating foundation movie makeup and make-up for men. The anti-aging foundation is used for photo makeup and general make-up for women. Anti-aging is the foundation that brides, actors and models most often ask to bring home after they have been makeup. Perfectly matt The foundations are perfect for TV make-up. All students also have the SOS serum. This one does wonders for restoring tired or irritable skin."

Sothys Glowing hydrating foundation Sothys Universal øyeblyant Sothys Hydrating youth cream Sothys Unifying youth serum
Sothys Soothing SOS serum

Favorite Product:
" My favorite is the Glowing hydrating foundation because it provides good tire while retaining the natural skin structure. I'm totally dependent on Sothy's kayak. Of all the kayaks I have Worked on, this is the one that keeps furthest on the skin, even on the wet line. By Sothys skin care products I am a big fan of Hydra3Ha day cream and Unifying youth serum. This The serum gives a wonderful glow and prepares the skin for makeup. I always carry the SOS serum on me, and especially in recording with a lot of overthrow that can make the skin tired and stressed. For me this is a life saver! "


Ingird is a professional makeup artist that have worked on a range of TV and film productions.

" I just love Sothys. I got acquainted with the brand already during my education at the Image Academy and have hardly used anything else since. The superb cleansing products and fantastic creams products take good care of the skin. Combined with the make-up the result is a brilliant and glowin skin that makes you look fresh. I use Sothys products for all my jobs and they never disappoint me. The products have a good cover, but the leaves a natural look. "Everyone" who has tried their products boasts Sothys. "

Sothys Vitality cleansing milk Sothys Hydrating comfort youth cream Sothys Glowing hydrating foundation

Favorite Product:
" For my own skin I am addicted to Vitality Cleansing Milk and Hydrating Comfort Youth Cream. Another favorite for both personal use and work is the Glowing Hydrating foundation. It is just so comfortable on the skin and you look fresh all day. Combine it with the Velvety Compact Foundation for a stunning result. "