Key dates

1946: Sothys founded by Dr Hotz.
1947 : Production of the first biological serum ampoule.
1950 : Launch of Desquaderm, the future Desquacrem.
1966 : Sothys acquired by the Mas family.
1968 : First Sothys lifting facial, the first Institute treatment (IT).
1971 : Launch of the first make-up range « Modern make up ».
1974 : Opening of export markets (Europe, USA then Asia).
1978 : Foundation of the Sothys training school.
1985 : Opening of L’Institut Sothys at 128, rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré in Paris.
2001 : Premium Secrets de SOTHYS® skincare range.
2004 : Sothys becomes the partner of the Thermes de Spa.
2005 : Opening of L’Institut Sothys in New York.
2006 : Opening of Les Jardins Sothys® in Auriac in Corrèze.
2009 : Anti-aging Intensive treatmentwith patented Flax complex.
2015 : Intensive hydrating treatment with the patented 1055 boletus extract.
2016 : Creation of La Crème 128 in a Bernardaud porcelain jar.
2018 : Creation of the Sothys Athletics™ line.
2019 : Depolluting energizing Détox Energie™ Intensive treatment.
2020 : New ancestral Indonesia signature treatment™ & the launch of the PRESCRIPTION JEUNESSE eye contour line™.


16 . NOVEMBER . 2021

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21 . SEPTEMBER . 2021

Discover overnight skin rejuvenation power.

Because cell renewal is twice as important at night as it is during the day, Sothys Advanced Research has selected the latest generation and highly effective active ingredients to preserve your skin’s youth, night after night.

Short nights, hectic life, daily aggressions — every day, your skin is subjected to a harsh ordeal.
NIGHT AFTER NIGHT, the Noctuelle™ line, with its Renovative night cream and Renovative micro-capsules, reveals your skin to be visibly renewed. It appears rested, younger and more radiant.

This iconic Sothys night care line now targets all skin types, even sensitive, and also has a new and irresistible fragrance with aromachological powers to help you unwind (in the Cream only).

The cream with a relaxing fragrance...Renovative night cream.

Night after night, this cream with a relaxing fragrance visibly renews your skin’s youth.
After a day subjected to aggression, the skin is visibly regenerated and benefits from the repairing power of the night to reveal visibly renewed skin, which appears rested and younger in the morning.

100% skin appears rested in the morning.*
*Self-assessment by 22 people who used the product for 30 days.

95% stronger skin to cope with daily aggression.*
*Self-assessment by 22 people who used the product for 30 days.

Adopt the new capsule gesture!
Renovative micro-capsules.

A new step to incorporate capsules into your evening treatment ritual. These unique micro-capsules, which are plant-based and 100% biodegradable, deliver the right amount of pure vitamin C (20%) to your skin, in a velvety-soft formula.
Night after night, your skin is visibly transformed by the effects of this serum containing concentrated vitamin C, with proven efficiency on radiance and the appearance of the signs of ageing (firmness, wrinkles and dark spots). Inside these capsules: Pure vitamin C! Known for its action on collagen, melanin and ability to resist against stress, here it is concentrated at 20% to restore radiance and firmness to the skin while reducing dark spots. It’s the ultimate versatile active ingredient for youthful skin!

Clinically proven efficiency: reduction in dark spot intensity 22,9% / Reduction in the size of dark spots 16,7%**.
**Clinical study (colorimeter) for 8 weeks on 30 subjects including 10 with sensitive skin.

100% immediate improvement in radiance.***
** Percentage of people who experienced a beneficial effect/improvement after two weeks using the Renovative micro-capsules, observed using instrumental measurements (spectrophotometer/colorimeter) on 30 subjects.

+18,3% radiance****
*** Average result obtained using instrumental measurements (spectrophotometer/colorimeter) on 30 subjects after using the Renovative micro-capsules.