Key dates

1946: Sothys founded by Dr Hotz.
1947 : Production of the first biological serum ampoule.
1950 : Launch of Desquaderm, the future Desquacrem.
1966 : Sothys acquired by the Mas family.
1968 : First Sothys lifting facial, the first Institute treatment (IT).
1971 : Launch of the first make-up range « Modern make up ».
1974 : Opening of export markets (Europe, USA then Asia).
1978 : Foundation of the Sothys training school.
1985 : Opening of L’Institut Sothys at 128, rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré in Paris.
2001 : Premium Secrets de SOTHYS® skincare range.
2004 : Sothys becomes the partner of the Thermes de Spa.
2005 : Opening of L’Institut Sothys in New York.
2006 : Opening of Les Jardins Sothys® in Auriac in Corrèze.
2009 : Anti-aging Intensive treatmentwith patented Flax complex.
2015 : Intensive hydrating treatment with the patented 1055 boletus extract.
2016 : Creation of La Crème 128 in a Bernardaud porcelain jar.
2018 : Creation of the Sothys Athletics™ line.
2019 : Depolluting energizing Détox Energie™ Intensive treatment.
2020 : New ancestral Indonesia signature treatment™ & the launch of the PRESCRIPTION JEUNESSE eye contour line™.


07 . DECEMBER . 2015

To beautifully dazzle during the holiday season, emphasise your hairstyle, make-up and the little black dress that you’ll be wearing! However, it is important to not forget a key area: the décolleté! Sothys offers you special tips for a naturally beautiful décolleté.

First step: hydration. The thin layer of skin that covers the décolleté easily becomes dry as it contains very few sebaceous glands.

The Sothys tip: Apply a Toning cream enriched with firming and tightening active ingredients.

The day before Christmas Eve, exfoliate the bust area using gentle upward circular strokes, avoiding the nipple area. End your shower with a cold rinse.

On Christmas Eve, apply Shimmering oil to your décolleté for optimal beauty enhancement. Then, lightly add shade to your cleavage area with the Illuminating trio in order to create the appearance of a more plunging neckline.

02 . DECEMBER . 2015

The holiday season is right around the corner and temptations will be abound! Obviously, it is out of the question to deprive ourselves at this time of the year. So, begin the month of December with a special beauty care programme to keep guilt at bay!

Once a week, exfoliate your body for sumptuous, soft and velvety smooth skin! Delightful, invigorating and replenishing… follow your every desire!

Every morning and evening throughout the entire month of December, apply a slimming treatment to the abdomen, waist, buttocks and thighs to smooth skin.

The Sothys tip: starting on December 10, complete your ritual with Slimming activator in order to optimise results and achieve your ideal figure for Christmas Eve!

20 . NOVEMBER . 2015

An abundance of gifts, a baroque style, enjoy the celebration atmosphere of Christmas with many Sothys gift ideas.

Discover how Sothys face and body offers* can be a real Christmas cracker:
1 Face discovery cracker offered for the purchase of an Energizing treatment with Siberian ginseng or a Hydrating treatment Hydra3Ha Hyaluronic Acid ™.
Your body set, Hanakasumi ™ or Inspiration art et beauté, for a Christmas price.
Your body set + your favourite body treatment, Hanakasumi ™ or Inspiration art et beauté, for a cracking price.
Until December 24, Sothys wish you a warmest season’s greetings!

*See conditions with your beautician. Products available for purchase separately while stock last.
** This cracker contains: Morning cleanser 15 ml – Hydrating cream Hydra3Ha Hyaluronic acid ™ 15ml - Noctuelle™ 15 ml.