Detoxifying anti-free radical youth serum

This serum with its glowy* texture is immediately absorbed to visibly protect the skin against free radicals and optimise cell renewal.

  • Active ingredients

    Complementary dermo-detoxifying active ingredient

    Dandelion extract

    Dermo-renovating active ingredient

    Prickly pear extract

    Green tea EGCG

    Phytoactive prolonged release molecules for an antifree radical and anti inflamm'aging action.

  • Use

    Apply morning and evening to the face and neck (1 use = 1 to 2 pumps). Follow with a suitable cream.

  • Scents




  • Benefits

    This product is recommended if you have:
    • Urban customers exposed to excessive exposure (live in big cities, work in unfriendly environments with UV / PC radiation, dust, etc.)
    • Skin that is prone to contamination, smoking or lack of sleep
    • A lifeless and gray skin tone with fatigue
    • Wrinkles

    Improvement in complexion radiance +63%*
    Fresh, rosy complexion, like a breath of fresh air: 94% satisfaction**
    Complexion is less dull, less tired 94% satisfaction**

    *Scoring by the investigator, average result for 17 people having applied Detoxifying anti-free radical youth serum morning and evening for 30 days.
    **Self-evaluation carried out on 20 people, 35% of whom are smokers, after the twice-daily use of Detoxifying anti-free radical youth serum for 30 days.

Product for : Skin type - All skin types