Glysalac dermobooster

The hydroxyl acids in this Dermobooster refine pores and improve skin texture. In line with chronobiology, the Sothys dermoboosters are used only at night, to provide controlled benefits to skin that needs a temporary boost, mixed with Sothys creams recommended for individual skin concerns. Not suitable for sensitive skin.

  • Active ingredients

    1% salicylic acid

    10% Glycolic acid

    Urea derivative

  • Use

    Mix with the usual cream or apply as recommended by the beautician. Use in the evening. In the morning, use Sothys high protection sunscreen.

  • Benefits

    Refines pores and improves skin texture. For 90% of users : the skin texture is tighter* 86% of users: the complexion is less dull (brighter, more radiant).* 82% of users: skin blemishes are reduced* *Self-assessment by 21 people, 11 of whom presented with skin imperfections, who applied the Glysalac dermobooster + their night cream on half of the face, compared to using their usual night cream alone for 28 consecutive days. SPF30 sun protection was applied every morning during the test period.

Product for : Skin type - All skin types