Sun protection

Each person has a ‘sunshine capital exposure’ determined at birth by their skin type (phototype). It corresponds to the hours of sunshine you may enjoy during your life without the risk of causing serious damage to your skin. This capital is shrinking over time and must be maintained daily with a protection adapted to your skin and to sunshine intensity.

Remember to adopt a responsible attitude and to respect certain principles of protection needed:
1 - Avoid intense exposure between 12 am and 4 pm
2 - Look for shade
3 - Wear a hat, sunglasses and a dry T-shirt
4 - Regularly hydrate yourself
5 - Apply sun cares with an index of protection suitable for your skin type and degree of sunshine before exposure.

The use of sun cares does not allow you to stay longer in the sun. To ensure that the products have a full protective role, remember to apply them in sufficient dose before any exposure, after sweating, swimming or drying yourself and to reapply frequently while being exposed. This ensures protection at the level corresponding to the index of protection illustrated. Sun overexposure can cause serious skin lesions and is a serious threat for the health at every age and even more on children. Sothys recommends that you do not expose babies and young children in the sun.

Sun Care